Friendship is forever

“Fate chooses your relations, you choose your friends.”
– Jacques Delille

“Never injure a friend, even in jest.”
– Cicero

Friendship has the power to conquer hearts, minds and unite people beyond boundaries. It is actually how we accept others, as they are, without being too judgmental about them. Being highly flexible and truly carrying a feel good factor along with it.

Friendship is actually beyond the purview of relationships, as there actually are no boundaries in it. It is actually a feeling, which is like a heady cocktail, both wonderful and intense at the same time. It’s like a song that you sing when you feel extremely happy or when you are down and out.

It is a panacea; an ultimate gateway which helps people deal with all kinds of circumstances with a smile. Usually beyond words and expression, as they make friendship defined and limit its power. Our lives are to a certain extent influenced by the lives of our friends. Even at the most harrowing hours of our lives, a call from a friend brings a cheer and lightens up a gloomy atmosphere.

Poets, scholars and great men have described “Friendship” as a power that can actually unite our world, blur boundaries and spread harmony and peace on a global level. It is an inspiration, which even bridges the gap between humans and animals. Great friendships like that of Gandhi and Nehru, Hitler and Mussolini are what legends are made of. It is probably one of the best levelers, one can ever think of.  

When we are born, we have a set a people to deal with whether we like it or not. But we are all free to choose our friends. Though as the ultimate truth that “Change is the only constant” friendship too faces its own set of challenges. But true friendships are the ones which weather every storm like the rock of Gibraltar and stand tall, amidst chaos.

Friendship is also by far the most underrated teacher, you can ever come across. Not only does it teach one vital lessons in life, it also acts as a guiding star, which shows direction and makes our otherwise dull lives sparkling.

Friendship in current times has broken new grounds, with the information explosion and tools like internet bridging global distances. Networking portals like Facebook and Orkut have helped the cause of blurring the lines of borders. It’s difficult to keep a record as to how friendship touches our lives every day. Whether it is being respected, loved, cared for etc.  At the same time, today’s world which is plagued with hatred, negativity and distrust, friendship is usually sacrificed and undervalued. These are turbulent times and it needs people to be aware and make efforts to value and respect people, and not neglect and undermine good friends. The young need to be guided and mentored to understand the worth of friendship. It is something to be treasured forever.

Friendship has evolved; it has different dimensions to it. In the modern society, friendship is actually losing its purity, with materialism and selfishness, taking centre stage. Today people, seldom have time to realize the important role which is played by friendship in their lives. Especially for the people who are staying away from their hometowns. In a situation where one is stifled for time, one needs to ponder over matters and give some thought as to what role it plays, in our lives. Its is one of the purest feelings one can ever experience if one understands its value.


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