Horoscope gone horrorscope

What’s Your Rashee was one of the awaited films of the year. But it’s slip shod script and slow pace and mammoth length lets it down. I wish the movie been as interesting as the name, then may be the film

The film appeared to have all the necessary that are required to make a successful film but the treatment and the climax leave you sleepy eyed and bored. Gowariker has tried to serve up a film with a difference but the end result is not satisfactory. The only highlight is the music by debutante composer Sohail Sen which leaves an impression, but then number of songs really make the film an arduous watch

 On the whole the movie does not rise above average and is no where closer to the earlier films directed by Asutosh Gowariker. Had it been 40-45 minutes shorter in length it probably would have been enjoyable. But at a behemoth length of nearly four hours, this one is better off missed. I would have gone on to pen a few more lines but I guess I am not enthused enough to do so.


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