Kurbaan can be summed up as a film, which is both engaging and thrilling at the same time. With a plot that doesn’t really take sides, and to a certain extent, gives you food for thought. There are no justifications or rhetoric’s involved. This film has got some decent acts done by the three main characters and Kirron Kher, Who light up the screen. Though the characterization of Mr. Om Puri being not very convincing. One must say that Veviek has made an impressive comeback. The story moves at a decent pace, though the length may have been a few minutes shorter. Thankfully there are no lengthy song sequences, and most of them are in sync with the films flow. Salim & Sulaiman have created one of the best soundtracks of the year. Though it not actually path breaking cinema, as compared to an RDB or the better known “Khuda Kay Liye” which really was immensely impactful. This movie is a welcome relief in this so far dismal year of BO duds. Karan Johar actually breaks his mould from his usual family drama, and romcom genre and attempts at giving us some serious cinema, which is worthy of praising. I was actually smiling as to what to expect when the opening credits spelt (Story: Karan Johar) since you are not used to this kind of cinema from him. But by the time the movie concludes, I was happy. Though the thriller parts are not so edge of the seat as compared to the Hollywood ones, but treatment is good and the drama even better. I would say that for a change, foreign locations are not just limited to mere songs, but are now equally used to film some engaging, drama too. Even the dialogues by Anurag kashyap and Iyengar are good. On the whole the film isn’t exactly a cult, but deserves special mention for the international look and impact.


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