The Year that was: 2010

It’s probably the first instance where in I’m putting down a year on paper. The year started on an interesting note with a good NY party followed by one of bollywood’s biggest all time grosser. A really eventful year I’d say, both in-terms of going out to new places, reading new books, making new friends meeting old friends, doing new and engaging stuff embarking on a new role in life.

An interesting year on the personal front, a tad less professionally. 1st half of the year was really more towards the UPSC, tried to get through but was not to be probably. Visited Jammu after 6 long years, Pallavi got married with probably ones of the biggest wedding ceremonies. Interesting side of things, work was going on in the mean time. Discussed with friends and really started to write on something concrete. Spend a decent amount of time back home, met Nani and the maternal uncles after 3 long years. Travelled to Pune and Rajkot. Met with Khalique after 5 long years. Saw the turbines with a whirlwind tour of Gujarat, super roads and had the most amazing tea ever sitting on a  charpoy at a Village name Gala in Rajkot.

Dad finally got his own house and was thrilled to see the family together had a decent diwali. Wrote stuff which eventually got published for dad, have earned a reputation as a ghost writer, had a great month of soccer with the World Cup and Spain emerging as the eventual winner. Year ended with a trip to Taj, brought back a lot of memories, had some of the most amazing UP’ish grub on offer. Read some of the most amazing books ranging from Both the translated versions of the Byomkesh, snappy surprises, Jaane bhi do yaroon, It don’t worry me, paradise, Bowled and beautiful and the sequel.  The seventy mm experience was not bad either amazing film like the Nolan’s Inception, followed by The Town, Harry potter and The Social Network making up for the years films. Bollywood however had a limited number of goodies on offer but it was really Udaan which was this years finest pick. Rest of year was a tad boring. Dabangg really was more hype than substance, was disappointed.

This years most anticipated CWG was not a total dissappintment, with the hosts finishing 2nd in the overall race. Was fortunate enough to see the hockey matches where India was the winner hands down.

This year was truly for the of the and by the friends, strengthened bonds with a lot of people including Kaushik, Amitav and Suneela. Met up with Ved and Kamal (who both have become papa’s). Rann’s the word had hearty meals of the rann and also went on to have Nahari and Paya @ Karim’s . Oh! Calcutta again was a gastronomical experience to remember.  Finally Jalsaghar experiencing the magic of the 50’s was amazing specially on the large screen. Teesri Kasam was thoroughly enjoyable specially for Waheedaji ‘s amazing screen presence, simply amazing score with songs which leave you mesmerized. The simplicity of the rustic relations and the two leads playing each other’s part with such finesse make it a gem of a film. Mom joins me at Delhi much to my joy, but I have developed issues in terms of my relationship with my spouse and her mother off late. But I guess  I am to be blamed for certain issues


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