Harry cleans up the dirt…

This Harry ain’t dirty…

Watching the entire Dirty Harry collection was sure fun. Clint Eastwood essaying the role of Harry Callahan, that would be regarded as a cult and an inspiration spawning a number of film. Eastwood blazes the screen with his cold blooded cop act and his smooth and slow dialogues, adding a dash of elan to the otherwise run of the mill cop films. The film series also shows the dare devilry and the risks which are involved in a cops life. With unforgettable dialogues like “do u feel luck punk” and scenes with harry blowing baddies with the Smith & Wesson. 44 Magnum, are a treat to watch. It also helpd Eastwood establish his iconic status as an action hero. 

Harry Callahan aka Dirty Harry c’se he does all the dirty police work for the police department. A series of killings and a threat note to the police department, make the PD turn to Harry Callahan to rescue the city from this killer. Though Callahan is not our typical by the book cop, he is rather a person who is regarded as a result getter but unruly and a rebel cop. The film exposes the shortcomings of the system by the culprits, who use the media, law and the system to actually get away with murder.  Harry with his unconventional means gets the victim who escapes due to lack of evidence and frames Harry instead. But Harry finally gets the better of him eventually.

The film was followed by other films like Magnum Force, Enforcer, Sudden Impact and Dead Pool. The films , which were successful at the box office. The film also reflects the social protests, as the film shows the law to be lop sided towards criminals through a system which can be manipulated.

The series marks and also shows the changing attitude of the Police department. With the topics of vigilante justice in magnum force, where young cops led by a police senior form a striking squd bumping off mafia and other baddies at will. This is followed by Enforcer where Harry is forced to train and is assisted by a female cop, which marks the changing face of the Police Deptt.  The next two films in the series are Sudden Impact and Dead Pool have revenge as their central theme. The last in the series also marks the arrival of the actors like Liam Neeson and Jim Carrey in small roles.

All in all this is an exciting series which certainly makes for an engaging watch for Eastwood fans.



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