Session2: Revolutions and new beginnings.

 The group John butt, Aman Sethi

The session began with excerpts with each of the three panelists, who really gave in their own opinions on the various revolutions. The focus shifted on to the nature of revolutions and there causes, consequences. Taking of sides in a revolution. Failed revolutions and successful ones. Media coverage and subsequent impact, and how the world views revolutions.

Many references were made to films like Zee and Algeria as well as books by greek author Sophocles whose works on Oedipus is considered the mother of all books on revolutions and ‘War and Peace’. John stressed that it is the media which really covers the bombings and the destruction in Afghanistan but a few blocks away life goes on and people try to shut themselves from all the negativity. He also stressed that Afghanistan needs awareness campaigns like India where people are made aware about bombs put in various places. Mr. butt was of the opinion that sides in revolution should not be taken and books, movies should not be preachy.

On the contrary other authors were of the opinion that any art form can be used to create awareness should be used to do so a moral responsibility. Most authors were of the opinion that failed revolutions attracted more attention as compared to successful ones. This was a public mindset and is a tried and tested genre. Reporting a non-fiction genre like this one also was difficult as compared to the fiction genre. The culmination of any revolution was that it is primarily caused by oppression or pressure from the groups.  The trick according most authors was not to be too much involved in the revolution and then write, as it would be a unbiased version of the scenario. But is actually hard to achieve.  Thus many great works are actually marred by lack or originality and honesty.


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