Change The Game!!

It has been an grueling year for the quintessential cricket fan, with India getting thrashed in the Border Gavaskar trophy and losing out in reaching the finals of both the CB series and the Asia cup thanks to the funny rules!

So what’s next post the controversial series which would be always remembered for its sensational post match mudslinging and gunfire rather than the on-field debacle. Dhoni and his men had to bear both humiliation, contempt and the wrath of the media and public.   The rifts and the dissonance (read dislike) between the playmates (since there was no team) was visible. So the pelican’s brief poped some scoop where Dhoni indirectly made his intentions clear of shedding his so called white hair (Dravid, Laxman and Sachin) to get a fresher look. So the not only did Team india lose the series but also a few legends of the game as well as many test fans who would readily give away an eye to see their demi-gods bat. Sachin’s much anticipated 100th ton was waiting in abeyance. May be just his way of saying I shall hit it once the legends are gone and then probably get the lion’s share. Poor ‘Yuvraj’ almost feel for the guy who must be in pain just to see this team self-annihilate. 

The chance came up at the Asia cup where the lil champ with the mightiest batting record created history (nothing new for him).  His other replica (Sehwag also read as the wannabe skipper in waiting) was suspiciously dropped on grounds of some flimsy injury which only the BCCI was aware of. Slowly the year 2012 saw the match fixing news abuzz with convictions of Mohd. Amer, Salman Butt and Mohd. Asif who’s ex certainly making some big waves ;). And the revelations of other club crickteers involved in match fixing and making PAK the new betting haven.

All said and done this summer the Indian cricket fan hasn’t got anything feel that he belongs to the Nation which is the reigning world champion. There is a saying that the true character of a leader is revealed during the time of crisis, this unfortunately is cannot be said for Dhoni who ‘s been rather goofy and temperamental in handling tricky situations. Probably shows what happens when you let the mouth do the talking instead of the “Balla”.  So all said this summer we shall see the ultimate showdown and the clash of the individual Titans in the IPL 2012. Whatever bantering has been now should translate into higher ticket sales especially in case of the Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Super kings, mind it! If not anything else.  As all the hardwork of the world cup has been undone in the overseas tours of England and Australia. Its now for the fans to see them take on each other and settle things once and for all!

But hey with the Olympics and other sports (badmintion, tennis and hockey)going great guns, the chant of “Change the Game” is getting louder. Even the sponsors have started to get the drift .

So its time we gave the other sports its due and the media to focus elsewhere. Enough of the “C” game its time to move on.





7 thoughts on “Change The Game!!

  1. Badi der laga di..
    Yet, Picture abhi baki hai mere dost!!
    IPL has forced many cricketers entering their sunset evenings, 2 call it a day- in this world Money sells and in India cricket sells. All will be forgotten n sadly forgiven and new fevour of IPL 5 will hold forth..
    As they say, power corrupts. Absolute powers corrupts absolutely. With the kind of power an Indian cricket Team Captain holds, he if he is nt a sach or wall- wud rather b a Ganguly! Dats wat Dhoni is trying 2 do- prolong his retirement benefit plan. I knw fans or as I call them fanatics will crucify me as the nay sayer n doomsday heralder! Bt petty Politiking for prolonged shelvelife is the norm in Indian cricket!
    I admire Rahul’s decision n Sachin’s humilty in conducting oneself. Well played Wall!
    Lastly, seriously, there is life beyond Cricket! Esp for unfit India – whr ppl rally 2 mek- marks 4 Sports! 22 ppl running aftr a single ball for 90 mins is anyday better than 1 man running in 2 throw a small red cherry of a ball n juz every1 standing thr n clapping- spectators catch n throw d ball back in game. Even baseball has more movement!!
    Yeah.. Nw slay me!!

    1. Well in Dhoni’s case he might continue as a ODI skipper but certainly not as Test one. That is one area where purists of the game and real gentelmen (read like Dravid and company) are the ones who really rule the roost. That era is gone and the likes of Rohit and Viraat would be looked upon to fill the void. But looking at the bright side many more players who were known only at the domestic levels can now have a chance to play with som of the best global cricketing talents.

      The media blitz and the glamour quotient has really made the IPL an extravaganza which is hard to ignore. Money sure talks(if not sells) big and even players like Kallis are auctioned!!

      Having grown up watching the game (cricket) I’d say I dont care much about the movements but the fielding is one thing which even the (baseball or other sports) cant match so let it be. The game from the viewers point also needs to change as there is certainly an overdose of cricket(witout quality) nowadays. Its concerning as we are tigers on the home but not so much outside the comfort zone. Nyways I have been an avid fan of the sport an will remain so till I die, but would like to see other sports covered and appriciated as well. That is sadly upto the audiences to decide after all.

      1. If one is an normal Indian- one cnt help but love n watch cricket n Bollywood, for sure. I am no exception either. But, the mad craze abt cricket and only cricket, hurts other genuine sports. No doubt, Pan Singh Tomar is appreciated.
        For eg- India is full of rivers and lakes. There are numerous excellent swimmers abound. Bt no proper infra 2 tap the raw talent, train and field them. Many Indian Michel Phelps wud grow old without even realising their worth. Sadly.

  2. Time to move on and actually change the choice of game. Olmypics definitely appears more encouarging esp. with some of our representations doing outstandingly well. Tennis is another great watch though not sure how comfortable we Indians stand.
    So understandable …..the ‘cricket guru’ is unhappy with Team India!

    1. @ Kamayani: Well its (Olympics) is actually underatted in India, as compared to the hype and hoopla of the cricket. Read a really nice artile in ET about why in GOA soccer was the numero uno sport!! They were ruled by the Portugese. Whereas most of India was ruled by the British so Cricket beacame the sport to follow. It was always an eclectic sport and was considered classy as compared to soccer. As far as the rest of the sports were concerned they are important but probably lack the glamour qoutint and the coverage given by our media. Thankfully I would say all is not lost as most schools promote other sports like basket ball, hockey, tennis and soccer but there in terms of viewership things are differrent. The folks now a days are smart enough to judge things and have their individual opinions which is good to see. Polls and talk shows bearing testimony to them. But lot needs to be done by the Sports Authorities and the sportspeople as well as important members of the society.

  3. Good going. Glad that India lost, and lost badly. Nicely put across. But, everything you’ve stated about humility and loss, etc etc. is pretty much which I always want for Indian cricket so I’m good with it.

    Love it when they lose and lose badly. . .

    1. @Nikhil: I understand your diatribe against the game. Honestly speaking you actally remind me of “Arjun Dikshit” (Read Deep- Shit) from Jannat!! Just kidding, but seriously you are an exception and I appriciate your honesty in being candid about your comment.
      Contrary to what you think I’d still cheer for India irrespective of it being any sport!! cheers

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