One Life 2 live !!

Every now and then our lives are subjected to reality checks! For instances when there is an untimely death of a near one, or some news or be it a situation in a film or a book. Situations like these make us stare at questions which we usually skirt away in the real life. Death is a reality which cannot be escaped. There have been a few moments in my life too which have made me realize that hey buddy you just have one life to live. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, so carpe diem!

At the fall of 2009, I too had one such experience, which made me realize the value of living each day to the max and having a dream, chase it while I’m alive. I have been a thorough believer in not planning too much and taking life as it comes. I had a rather serious attack of “Dengue” aka break-bone fever in October 2009. It is an infectious viral fever caused by the bite of the dengue mosquito, which leaves you rather desolate, weak and incapacitated over a period of time. The virus attacks your immune system and makes you platelet count plummet beyond limits.  While battling dengue and lying in a vegetative state in the ICU, my mind was meandering beyond the mundane scenes of the surrounding patients. Most of them (read inmates) due to the funny uniform (read jail bird like) dress were old and haggard, some were even really young in their teens were all fighting for their survival. Post two days things were not really improving. For a moment I thought I might be the next one who really gets to see the world beyond the obvious.  Yes, I agree that there were certainly some things which I had put on the back burner, while putting up with the usual rigors of life. But trying to get them straight made me feel better from inside.

Since it was a situation where all I could do was ponder, I tried making a list, a so called “Bucket List” of things which I really wanted to accomplish before I really called it a day, in life. I saw my life as a flashback. My infancy, childhood, adult life!! It wasn’t that bad, but yes there were a few more things I really wanted to achieve. It was not curtains as yet.  I guess it’s time even you folk’s made one, share it in case you already have, but do make an effort to get close to it. I’m certain most of us do have something’s still to achieve.

I’d like to share my list:

Travel and Liesure

  1. Spend a month or at least a fortnight at three forests in India and abroad with a good camera and a couple of good friends watching “The Majestic Tigers” and the other fauna of the area. Domains of choice are Pench, Bandipur, Simlipal, Kaziranga and Mudumalai are preferred. International destinations would be probably being Siberia, Java and Bali. Sharing space with the big cats and experiencing the wildness would be definitely on top of my list.
  2. Visit the Great Barrier Reef and see the aquatic life of the ocean, do snorkeling. Yes and also pay a visit to the great white’s. Do a bit of scuba diving as well with Amitav and Chinmaya at the Andamans.
  3.  Enjoy a summer Chirstmas. Do (fund the trip) all this by working initially probably by doing odd jobs etc. Yes take a free fall bungee jump for sure the “Aussie way”.
  4. Visit Hollywood and share a meal with my favorite minds in the business. Even better buy myself a ticket into the Kodak studio to watch the Academy Awards show with Suneela Uppla.
  5. Visit and freak out in the “City of joy” with Amitav and Suneela, my fav people. It’ll be nothing less than sheer fun.
  6. Visit “The Dark Continent “with Lil Vivaan and really experience Africa in its rawest form and just have a good father son trip.
  7. Send my parents to their preferred holiday destination abroad. Well this one certainly would be coming soon.
  8. Visit to most of the cities and make Vivaan understand the real Odisha.

Experiences and Endurance

  1. Write a couple of books which I wish leave an impact and be remembered as my original work. Would probably write a book which can be adapted into a major motion picture.
  2. Take a big sabbatical from work for about a year and live via free-economics concept. Wherein I undertake a travel trip and survive by barter instead of money. Since money is the cause of all evil, this would be my attempt to survive on my own. Yes, a few friends might be welcome to join the gang.
  3. Take an endurance test, just try and push myself to the brink and participate in something which is life changing. Letting go  of all what has been held back, and just go for it.


  1. Watch an Ashes series in England: At least two matches. Nothing matches the fervor and gusto, not to forget the rivalry in this series. So this one is certainly one series I’d love to see.
  2. See and Italy V/s Germany/ Brazil Soccer World cup game.  Can really do with the Azzuri magic.

Social/Philanthropic enterprises

  1.  Own a movie store/ a theatre in a small place, if nowhere, in my village Bhatakumarada in Ganjam. 
  2. Teach professionally for at least 3-4 years in a management or related college.
  3. Help establish a school and an animal welfare shelter in Orissa to really make some.

Guilty pleasures 😉

  1. Alongwith Dodo, Shanky and Amitav visit the Moulin Rouge or a Russian strip club or Las Vegas and party all night. This would be an ideal bachelor’s party in case Amitav survives for the next two years. But in case not then we go post six seven years.
  2. Own a 1969 ford mustang, or the latest version rather any vehicle, it’s one car to really die for.
  3. Bet on a racehorse at the Mahalaxmi race course, atleast once.
  4. To be cremated in the Christian way!

It’s just one life we have so I’d love see all of these “To do” checked with a tick on the right. But having said that, hey what’s life if you don’t make it a tad fantastic and have some fun, its probably not worth it. I’m sure some of these might not see the light of the day, but what the heck.

These were some of the wish I really am serious about.  Wish to know yours as well…..




6 thoughts on “One Life 2 live !!

  1. Touching! Must say u have given wings to my own flights of fantasy. Honestly, I could borrow some from your wish list.
    Strange, career never becomes part of the wish list. The basis of survival being a stable livelihood happens to be just that….a necessity, a mandate. To live life to a more satisfying level, it is important to realise wishes/dreams.
    Reminds me of a song we sang in our school choir…..We have one life to live, so much to give & so much to share….There is love to be found, just luk around, There’s happiness there. People over the world, reach out your hands……

    So let’s not be standing alone and join hands/forces for the celebration called Life.

  2. Hello there…. thanks for sharing your wish list….. but all this wishing and not doing anything about it…….. tch tch!

    get up and commit yourself to achieving at least one of them before the year ends…. do not have to go all the way… even a small step towards your dreams will get you all charged and feeling good about it…

    I just realized that i set impossible “dreams” for myself… but i made a promise to myself this year…. one small step for man kind…. and a miniscule step for me….

    So what will it be??

  3. Thanks for the response, appreciate this. I ‘am certainly working on some of them, possibly will be getting a few checks in place on this list.
    since you have mentioned you impossible list as a hint, would really like to see that!

    My take is the Kolkata trip with friends would definitely be on for starters. So is the writing part. Have already have a target this list in place. your self- pact sounds promising to me too. Wish you luck to get yours as well. Hope to get things in my stride :)!!

    1. sandy, lets tick off snorkelling n scuba diving n d Kolkata by dis yr end.. Lets go Andamans by dis yrs end.. N lemme work on d books preface n about the writer page.. 😉
      bt I challenge You 2 hit d gym dis yr.. Sud b on ur need 2 do list!!
      BTW, buy me a ticket for d soccer match aftr d M Rouge nyt out..

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