25 great food moments in hindi films


Continuing on the food trail I would like to share some of my most liked film moments which have great culinary potential. Here are 25 of those scenes from the Indian celluloid, which left a lasting impression on me. Its not necessarily in any order but does it make any difference. Here’s one to the food. Hope you like it as much as I did compiling it.

  1. Andaz apna apna: Dr. Prem khuranas 3 course meal sabotage by prince amar singh with the “ghode ka julab”. Bhai jise kha ke acche acche ghode down ho jaate hain wahan, we are no differrent.hqdefault
  2. Cheeni kum: The original hyderabadi zaafrani pulao scene is an interesting one.zaf
  3. Bawarchi:  Rajesh Khanna prepares suran ki sabzi which is equivalent to “Mutton curry”. Banane wala suran ko mutton aur mutton ko suran bana sakta hai!!bawarchi-P
  4. Mr. India: Daga and Tejas dens get…

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2 thoughts on “25 great food moments in hindi films

  1. Good compilation….interesting read…don’t think u have missed out any….language used is better than before

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