Film review: Newton-  Both tickle and tease!!

newton-7591There have been films which have in their own way have exposed the inadequacies of the democratic system. But Newton has an interesting narrative which certainly makes it a treat to watch.

The film sets a just pace which is required to keep the audiences engaged, through the happenings of the film. The attempt from director Amit Masurkar is definitely applause worthy as he dishes out flesh and blood characters who infuse life via their performances into their characters.  Specially Raghuvir Yadav as the typical senior loaded with various health issues or the local BLO from Chattisgarh or a fairly unrecognizable Omkardas Manikpuri (best remembered for his Natha act in Peepli Live). Ably supported by Sanjay Mishra who packs in punch with his lines and gyaan in a cameo performance. The beauty of the film lies in the simple narrative quirky tongue and cheek humour and brilliant performances.

The film strength lies in its unravelling of the core issues of how the system of elections is carried out in areas which are problematic. We all read about elections happening at various remote locations where the population is thin. But how are things in reality and how the system tries to conduct elections amidst tough conditions are the highlight of this film. There are many scenes which are sure to evoke various emotions from laughs, to debate between fair and unfair and even disgust for people and the system. As well as how people tend to take advantage of it too. Its maim , manipulation of masses and just going about one’s duty in tough conditions(read Reality)  vs idealism and good intent to get the ducks in line, which makes in for a great story. Played respectively by superb Pankaj Tripathi as “Aatma Singh” and brilliant Rajkumar Rao as “Newton”, who has had a sensational 2017, with back to back terrific performances in “Trapped”, “Bareily Ki Barfi” and now “Newton”. Rajkumar Rao is certainly proving to be a phenomenal prowess who is likely to go places.



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