IT: Horror punch delivered with a floater


IT 2017 is a revelation, it’s the film adaptations of the novel by horror genius “ Stephen King”. A coming of age film with a dark and gory backdrop is how one can slot the film as. Horror is possibly the trickiest genre and requires a lot of skills, to deliver a knockout punch and floor the audience. This films more than manages to do that.Stephen King's It Trailer screen grab

Andy Muscheitti does a terrific work when it comes to blending horror fairly well with a horror twist. Andy skilfully plays with the audience’s psyche to really pick one’s thinking and keeping the audiences engaged. Based in the late 80’s the story covers the lives of 7 young teenagers, and their encounters with an unexplained devlish phenomena whilst resolving the riddle of multiple missing children in a town named “Derry”. If I were to say horror hits a “reboot” button with IT I might not be totally wrong.

There are many stand out moments where IT has some semblance with the Rob Reiner made cult classic “Stand By Me”. I absolutely loved the coming of age experiences and summer story touches in the film, where innocence is lost and foundations of a strong friendship’s develop.  I being a great fan of the previous version of IT tv miniseries (1990) as well as the book quiet liked this fairly fresh etched out bold attempt from the team of this 2017 film.e470cd420e1f51e13806fa2aa2ad4721

Backed by strong performances of the kids with Jaden Liebhrer (Bill) as the leader of the Loser pack, ably supported by Jeremy Ray Taylor (Ben), Finn Wolhard (Richie) and Sophia Lilis (Beverly) all in superb form and dole out touching performances. The camaraderie, the French between friends and the scenes where the loser gang get into a rock fight are definitely to cheer for.

Bill Sarkasgard is also impressive with his clown act as “Pennywise”.  Some of the stand out scenes include a spooky scenes of the bathroom of Beverley and other scenes which cover the encounters of the children with their deepest fears including the garage scene. It is certainly one of the darkest films of recent times with deep psychological undertones, and a gutsy horror films which makes it a forceful film.


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