Blade Runner-2049 (Apt Sequel)

Moving from where the 1982 classic neo-noir sci fi film Blade Runner-1982 had left, the 2017 films shifts 30 years post the 2019 period. It shows life in the bleak and apocalyptic future. Its particularly relevant with regards to the brilliant set pieces and locales which show the severe impact of climate change, class divide and the filth and pollution, most importantly the virtual world cluttered with gizmos. All of this are critical issues in today’s times. Arrival directors maintains the continuity of the original film and presents the case of a worthy sequel.BR

Right from the beginning of the film the director engages you into how the Blade Runner K goes about his work. K played to perfection by Ryan Gosling who seems to play the silent, indolent type characters very well, delivers a solid performance. “Blade Runner 2049” is a meditation on what it means to be human. It also explores the nature of memories and how memories make us what we are. To me, this human aspect of the story is more effective than the same kind of plot element in the original Blade Runner film, even though Gosling plays the part in a very minimalist way. He shows enough emotion at the right times to make you want to follow his emotional journey.BR1

The sequel is a more of a hunt for the truth and is at times confusing and the slow pace of the film is particularly unnerving. While K tries to uncover the mystery, via a series of clues which seem to have been laid for him to reach a specific place. This mission is designed to protect the order of the society by destroying the evidence. But whilst the original mission K gets going on his personal mission. The other cast including ford himself as Deckard, Sylvia Hoeks as Luv who claims to be the best proves to be the tough nemesis of K. A host of other characters like Jared Leto and others are fairly impressive and stick to their roles.

Some of the scenes are just great, especially the Las Vegas old casino fights sequence between Deckard and K, with Elvis and the showgirls are a great guilty pleasure experience. Plus the Its 3 am track by Sinatra scene too is equally brilliant. A-holographic-Elvis-Presley

Going by the overall experience I would say that this version of Blade Runner outdoes the previous Ridley Scott, film.


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